Ask the Vet - Vallard C. Forsythe, DVM

Treating itchy allergies without shots

Dear Dr. Forsythe:  My terrier “Renshaw” is having terrible itching and scratching problems again this spring.  He seems to get... Continue

No rush to open your heart

Dear Dr. Forsythe:  I moved into the area a few months ago from Texas, and I have enjoyed reading your column ever since.  I’m... Continue

Who let the dogs in?

Dr. Forsythe: I recently attended my nephew’s wedding in Malibu.  It was one of those events where there were over 500 guests in... Continue

Confronting the empty nest

Dear Readers:  I didn’t realize this is what I’d signed up for as a young man coming home from my Friday night organic chemistry... Continue

Goodbye to dear, sweet Emily

Dear Readers: I’ve come to believe that some cats show how much they care by how much they act like they just don’t care much at... Continue

When an uninvited visitor wreaks havoc

Dear Dr. Forsythe, A couple of weeks ago our best friends Gayle and Steven came up from the South Bay to spend the weekend with us... Continue

Unconditional love in an unexpected place

Dear Dr. Forsythe:  I attended a weekly meeting last week in a nearby town.  I won’t go into details about the exact nature of... Continue

Cat tells wife husband is having affair

Dear Dr. Forsythe:  I am becoming convinced that my husband is up to no good, thanks to some peculiar behaviors of our cat, Muffin... Continue

Straight from the heart

Dear Dr. Forsythe:  I have been reading your advice column for several years. Most of the time I agree with you in your answers, but... Continue

And a piece of cheese for my rat

Dear Dr. Forsythe:   Last weekend while my girlfriend and I were waiting to have lunch at one of our favorite restaurants located... Continue