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Cat tells wife husband is having affair

Dear Dr. Forsythe:  I am becoming convinced that my husband is up to no good, thanks to some peculiar behaviors of our cat, Muffin Top.  Ever since my husband, Bill (not his real name) has been keeping later and later hours at the office, the cat has been acting unusual, peeing right on Bill’s side of the bed, on his pillow, and twice on his laundry pile.  On the other hand, my cat “Cupcake” is behaving perfectly normal, even when I fight with my husband on the mornings after he has been out all night.  My theory is that Muffin Top knows that my husband is lying to me about something and is punishing him.  Whey else would it only be HIS cat acting weird and peeing on HIS side of the bed?  They say animals know things people don’t, right?  So I think Muffin is trying to tell me something.  What do you think about this?  Sign me,

Picking Up Kitty’s Cues

Dear Cues:  Thanks you for writing in and suggesting your theory.  As for your husband’s reasons for staying increasingly late at the office or not coming home at all, I wouldn’t even try to pontificate the answer to that one for all the gold in fort Knox or back stage passes to an Usher concert.

But neither would I entrust my kitties with shouldering the responsibility of being clairvoyant regarding your relationship with your husband.  While it is true that animals can often sense things before humans can, it sounds to me like you need to face your marital situation head on rather than let Muffin Top and Cupcake sell you a load of baked goods.  Cats are very sensitive to change in the house and when tensions run high, their behavior can change.  This can often show up in aberrant urination or defecation.  Don’t forget it could also be that one cat has a bladder infection causing him to urinate on the unoccupied side of the bed.

I’m sorry you’re going through what must be a stressful and trying time.  I’d urge you to try and make slow and rational decisions now, get Muffin checked out by your veterinarian for a possible bladder infection versus behavioral problem, and most of all, be good to yourself so you can stay strong during this time.

Love, Dr. F.


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