Ask the Vet - Vallard C. Forsythe, DVM

Keep pets on regular med schedule

Dear Dr. Forsythe:  I was wondering if it is that important to give heartworm prevention to my dog every single month.  I try to... Continue

Advances in doggie dentistry

Dear Dr. Forsythe: I was interested in getting my dog’s teeth cleaned since I know he has really bad breath.  I had them cleaned... Continue

Porch no place to relax

You sure can see a lot of interesting things sitting out on your lovely old porch on Broadway.  People have been urging me to take... Continue

Has family life gone to the dogs?

Dear Dr. Forsythe:  What would you say to somebody who is so obsessed with her dogs that she doesn’t have anything left to give... Continue

Death of a pet – two perspectives

It’s one of the hardest things a veterinarian has to cope with, and it happened to me recently.  I received a dreaded telephone... Continue

When doctors friend

Last week I was Facebooking with some of my classmates (oh no, has Facebook turned into a verb now?) and many of these good, corn-fed... Continue

Outdoor cat

Dear Dr. Forsythe: My cat “Dexter” likes to spend about half his time outside. Usually he comes in at night, and when he is outside,... Continue

A probing question

Dear Dr. Forsythe: My husband gets really irritated at our cocker spaniel “Viola” when she starts scooting on her butt.  He often... Continue

Cat fight

Dear Dr. Forsythe: Please settle an argument I’ve been having with my girlfriend ever since we moved in together a little over six... Continue

Let the pros handle doggie dental care

Dear Dr. Forsythe:  I am writing to you hoping that you will let other pet owners know about my nightmare situation with my mini-dachshunds.... Continue